Social policy

Important mega-trends, such as demographic changes, globalization and the emergence of new crises increase the need for welfare systems’ transformatio...

Points of concern

The demand for social services is on the increase for either demographic, economic, technological or political reasons. Levels of poverty, unemployment and inequality have risen acutely throughout the European Union. However, social services have been limited by their economic and political environment, thus rendering the future of the social state uncertain and leading the implementation of social policy into a growing crisis. The need for compensatory measures and the serious impact of the migration crisis on European societies, which itself has been compounded by the effects of the pandemic and energy crises, reveals the shortcomings of the social protection and inclusion systems.

GSEVEE’S mediation

Considering the tension with which issues of social policy are emerging, GSEVEE promotes its substantial and scientifically grounded participation within social dialogue focusing on the following fundamental axes.

Equality and discrimination

Promotion of equality and combating discrimination in general by participating in organized actions and interventions as well as the construction of argumentation concerning, among other factors, issues of sex equality, equal treatment of PD (People with Disabilities), such as maternity allowance for freelancers, balancing work and family life in enterprises, highlighting the issue of ‘informal care’, taking measures against the gender pensions gap, violence and harassment in workplaces, and  issues of accessibility. Change is to be achieved in cooperation with both state agents, equality committees for the promotion of the equal work treatment principle and relevant civil society agents.

Migration / refugee issue

Monitoring/studying of the migration/refugee issue by participating in actions that facilitate the social and work inclusion of the migrants and refugees, the increase of their participation in life-long learning and training and the awareness raising of employers on the issue in cooperation with state agents and non-governmental organisations that address the migration/refugee issue.

National Health and Welfare System

Reinforcement of the National Health and Welfare System by formulating proposals concerning the health services that safeguard the increased tax and social security contributions’ reciprocity, an upgraded and reliable National Health System and the reduction of private health expenses that would entail an increased available household and professionals’ income for the economy.

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