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The tendency to devalue trade-unionism is on the rise, while globalization, and the demographic, environmental and technological change it inspires, h...

The source of concern

Despite global variations of trade-unionism, there has been an acute reduction of trade-unionism influence worldwide in the last four decades. In parallel, collective bargaining has been weakened as an improvement mechanism for work patterns. At the same time, the increased need to ensure employees’ work safety, income and accessibility to social protection has emerged. As for the small and medium-scale enterprises’ sector in Greece, trade-unionism secures only insufficient political and economic support, despite its leading role in the development of employment and social cohesion it provides.

GSEVEE’s mediation

GSEVEE recognises the previously mentioned challenges and understands the changes that appear to influence the “world” of small and medium-scale enterprises. It seeks to establish a modern model of trade-union representation by focusing on and strengthening action in the following sectors.

International relations

Development and strengthening of international relations. Participation in the European Union (SMEunited), the European Organization for Small Enterprises (SBS), and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). GSEVEE also monitors the work conducted by the European Commission and its General Secretariats.

Social dialogue

Participation in social dialogue and the fundamental issues of social and economic life. GSEVEE takes part as one of the national partners (GSEE, GSEVEE, ESEE, SEV, SETE, SVE) in the collective bargaining for the signing of the National General Collective Labour Agreement, while in parallel it focuses on contemporary issues and advises on laws, decrees and other rulings through the acknowledged and high-level scientific work it produces. GSEVEE representatives participate actively in important committees, agencies and organisations such as OAED, the Mechanism for Minimum Wage Setting, the Supreme Labour Council and the Economic and Social Committee.

Cooperative networks

Strengthening existent and creating new cooperative networks at a national and European level with the intention of improving GSEVEE’s actions regarding trade-unions and institutions. Providing efficient and well-researched information to all its members and the wider public.

Trade-union action

Development and promotion of trade-union action for strengthening the cohesion of federation/union members of GSEVEE. Improving the connection of GSEVEE to the wider field of the small and medium-scale enterprises of the country.

Social action

Social action with the substantial assistance of GSEVEE for the support of socially vulnerable groups through either the creation of support structures (e.g. the establishment and function of the Social Clinic by GSEVEE), gathering and offering basic essentials, proposal formulation for relevant committees, or collaboration with other civil society stakeholders that take action to support socially vulnerable groups such as those involved with gender equality, migration, DP organisations and agents.

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