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Important changes in the macroeconomic and business environment, dynamic development at the level of technological achievement, digital and green tran...

What is at issue

Enterprises function and develop within an economic and productive environment which comprises continuous change at the level of institutions, entrepreneurship, funding and technology. Particularly, small enterprises are not often in a position to efficiently comprehend and monitor their wider economic, institutional and productive changes. Moreover, the particular characteristics of small enterprises demand the planning of specific policy measures in order to meet their individual needs. Consequently, developing modern tools that monitor the economic and productive environment in order to produce evidenced knowledge and information dissemination for small enterprises constitutes a fundamental way to support small scale entrepreneurship and plan specialized interventions and policy measures.

GSEVEE’s mediation

GSEVEE realizes the importance of systematic and full comprehension of the economic, productive and business environment and develops evidenced knowledge analysis and dissemination tools. It also contributes to the planning of specialized policy measures through the construction of well-grounded proposals. GSEVEE’s main concern focuses on the following basic axes.


Μonitoring of the macroeconomic and business environment through the realization of articulate primary research based on identified and long-term economic climate indicators and through the systematic analysis of macroeconomic tendencies and variations that relate to entrepreneurship, taxation policy and competition issues.

Funding Actions

Monitoring of funding actions and available funding tools as well as identifying necessary improvements at national and European level in order to render easier the access of small enterprises to funding sources.


Τhe systematic monitoring of legislation and the business environment in order to form and submit evidenced proposals to respective state institutions that relate to the existent legislative framework, new legislative bills, licensing issues etc.

Digital Transition

Identification and monitoring of relevant trends to facilitate the adaptation of small enterprises to the field of new technologies and digital transition.

Green Transition

Monitoring of changes that relate to the green transition of small enterprises, focusing on the dimensions of climate change, energy transformation, green and circular economy.

Sectors and Professions

Systematic monitoring of specialized changes at the level of sectors and professions as well as evidenced knowledge dissemination for small enterprises through the construction of studies focusing on special thematic topics and fields of interest (such as goods processing, agri-food, technical professions, energy efficiency, creative economy-handicraft).

Special Topics

Demonstration and promotion of special topics referring to small and medium scale entrepreneurship development, such as the realization of studies concerning modern entrepreneurial models and entrepreneurial support of synergy formations and productive ecosystems.

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