The Presidium consists of thirteen members, the Chair and five consecutive Vicechairs, the Secretary General and one Deputy Secretary General, the Treasurer and one Deputy Treasurer, and three Members of the Presidium.

The members are elected according to the simple majority system and their term of office lasts for three years. The Presidium is constituted by the election of its members in the respective positions of Chair and Vicechair by the A.B.

The Presidium constitutes a quorum when the number of present members is greater than the number of absent members. Decisions are reached by the majority vote of the present members.


The Presidium meets steadily every month in the General Confederation’s offices on a date that is designated by the Chair and the Secretary General and has specific topics in its agenda.

The responsibilities are the following:

1) It convenes the administrative board and designates its daily agenda.

2) It decides upon the rental and leasing of GSEVEE’s real estate, and designates the leasing and the terms of it accordingly.

3) It designates the terms of every collective labour agreement concerning craftsmen and merchant enterprises’ personnel, where the Confederation participates. It submits the national collective labour agreement to the administrative board for approval before it is signed by the chair and the secretary general.

4) It takes measures for fast-track action concerning decision making procedures implemented by the administrative board.

5) Παίρνει μέτρα για την ταχεία υλοποίηση των υπό του Διοικητικού Συμβουλίου λαμβανομένων αποφάσεων.

6) The Presidium carries out as many responsibilities as are allotted by the administrative board.