General Assembly


The General Assembly is the highest body in the Confederation and consists of the elected representatives of each federation’s members that are registered with the GSEVEE.

Every federation member participates in GSEVEE’s General Assembly alongside its representatives, who act as the federation’s delegates and exercise, on its behalf, the right to vote. The federation members’ representatives are elected through a simple majority system and by the decisions of their own General Assemblies for a tenure of three years.

It is only the representatives of the first-level organizations in GSEVEE that are able to vote for the election of the federation’s representatives in the Confederation.

The above-mentioned choice of the first-level organizations becomes a steady commitment throughout the term of office of the representatives who were elected by the federation. The federations vote for one representative for every 200 members in the major first-level organizations.

The representatives are either professionals, craftsmen, or merchants without any legal impediments in managing their properties.


The General Assembly, in being the sovereign and supreme body of GSEVEE, decides upon every issue contained in its charter.

In particular:

1) It elects the GSEVEE’s administrative board, checks its actions and failures, and exerts the right to revoke membership unconditionally.

2) It elects the election committee and the audit committee and monitors their activities.

3) It approves or rejects the activities and implementation report of the administrative board as well as the annual balance sheets.

4) It decides upon GSEVEE’s strategy and action plans concerning each sector’s related issues.

5) It approves or modifies the annual budgets of revenue and expense as well as the total budget for every new period.

6) It decides upon the collection of members’ subscriptions from insurance organizations. The members of first-level organizations are insured by the organizations that participate as federation members. It also designates the terms of the contributions’ collections and their subsequent distribution.

7) It approves the administrative board’s decisions over the expulsion of its members.

8) It decides upon any proposed modification of the charter.

9) It decides upon the dissolution of the Confederation in accordance with the legal procedure designating the quorum and majority rules.


Decision Making

The decisions of the General Assembly are taken in line with the absolute majority of the present representatives, unless it is otherwise dictated in accordance with the charter and the law.

Voting takes place according to free as well as secret ballots. The administrative board, the election committee and the audit committee are always elected through a secret ballot.

Decision making on scope changes, dissolution of the Confederation and charter modification require the presence of half-of-the representatives of the paid-up federation members and a three quarters (3/4) majority of the present representatives.