Audit Committee

Constitution – Responsibilities

The audit committee consists of five members and is elected by the General Assembly. Its work is to monitor the implementation of the Confederation’s financial issues at a systematic level.

The chair of the audit committee, who is elected through a secret ballot after the committee has constituted a body, is the one who convenes and directs the meetings and the whole work of the committee.

The audit committee carries out its tasks collectively and with total authority to research and review. The administrative board and GSEVEE’s Presidium make available all administrative, accounting and management data that are kept by the audit committee along with any other information that is considered essential for monitoring and review.

The review of the above-mentioned data and information is carried out in GSEVEE’s offices by the audit committee and the exportation of such data to any other space is forbidden.

According to the above data, the balance sheet and the management report are efficiently constructed and made available by the administrative board; the audit committee then prepares the report that has to be grounded, precise and documented in relation to the annual results of every management period.

The audit committee submits its report to the General Assembly.