The Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants represents the most essential and vital part of country’s economic structure, small and medium entrepreneurs. Protecting their interests –economical, professional, social, security and cultural- is of utmost importance and constitutes GSEVEE’s primary goal. Confederation’s main pursuit is to defend, claim, promote and safeguard these interests, as they emerge and evolve in the environment into which small and medium-sized enterprises act and develop. This environment has now a global nature, that evolves and changes rapidly, making thus another goal of GSEVEE even more essential: substantiated claiming for specific and general issues that concern the Greek professionals, craftsmen, and their representative associations, through continuous, consistent and systematic scientific study for SMEs and their problems; the ultimate goal being National Economy’s growth for the benefit of its members and the country as a whole. In addition, GSEVEE pursues: fostering, supporting, unfolding, and diffusing the spirit of association among the professionals, craftsmen and merchants; promotingand coordinating its members’ action, as well as fostering the unity and the massiveness in the movement of professionals, craftsmen and merchants association; settling and implementing programmes that provide educational services aimed at the members of Professional Organisations, for the proper and timely adaptation and modernisation of their enterprises in view of the changing conditions in the domestic and global market, as well as for the provision of information, technology transfer, and promoting cooperation and joint actions between Greek enterprises producing and distributing goods and services and enterprises of EU member states and third countries in general; promoting, among professionals, craftsmen and merchants, the cooperative concept and the joint, collaborative spirit; connecting and developing the ties between the association movement of professionals, craftsmen, merchants, motorists, and the association movement of other employees on common problems; maintaining and fostering the intellectual and cultural heritage and improving the educational and cultural level of professionals, craftsmen and merchants; culture and prevalence of the universal ideals of peace, freedom, democracy, national independence, social justice.