The Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (GSEVEE) was founded in 1919, in the wake of the need for the Greek professionals and craftsmen to join forces, initially under the name “Hellenic Craftsmen Association”.

GSEVEE is a so-called third level, cross-sectoral, employer’s organisation across Greece, and one of the major social partners that co-sign the National General Collective Agreement (GSEE, GSEVEE, ESEE, SEV,SETE).

It constitutes the major and most massive association of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants all over the country.

GSEVEE is active in promoting and consolidating the professional, economical, cultural and broadly social, interests of small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs).

GSEVEE incorporates:

  • 90 federations, out of which 59 local, 30 sectoral and 1 of pensioners;
  • 1.100 main unions with 140.000 natural persons (entrepreneurs) registered.

It represents the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:

Micro (up to 10 employees and ≤ € 2 million turnover;

Small (up to 49 employees and ≤ € 10 million turnover;

Medium-sized (up to 250 employees and ≤ € 50 million turnover;

GSEVEE has created its own certified vocational training centre -considered as one out of the best in the country-, KEK GSEVEE, as well as the Small Enterprises’ Institute (IME GSEVEE), aimed at managing and diffusing knowledge, know-how, technology and carrying out studies and surveys that concern the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of the so-called secondary and tertiary sectors of the Greek economy (that is manufacture, services, commerce).